The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar Prince Hall Affilliated

Appointed Officers

Sir Rev. Kenneth E. Brown (TN)

R. E. Grand C. C. of F. C.

Sir Kevin L Frierson Sr (TN)

R. E. Grand Standard Bearer

Sir Terry Bowman (TN)

R. E. Grand Sword Bearer

Robert R. Ambrose K.Y.G.C.H. (VA)

R. E. Grand Warder

Sir Thomas L. Mullins, Sr. (VA)

R. E. Grand Sentinel

Sir Rev. Dr. Levi Young (NY)

R. E. Grand Assistant Prelate

Sir Rev. Odell Moore (NC)

R. E. Grand Assistant Prelate

Sir Bishop Rodney McFarland (LA)

R. E. Grand Assistant Prelate

Sir Rev. Dr James E. Hamms (TX)

R. E. Grand Assistant Prelate

Sir David F. Hill (TX)

R. E. Grand Webmaster

Sir Albert E. Van Slyke (SC)

R. E. Grand Photographer

Sir Dr. Donald R. Ware (CA)

R. E. Grand Medical Director

Sir Toby Bryant (PA)

R. E. Grand Marshall

Sir Harrison Gregg (TX)

Grand Legal Advisor

Sir Lewis Nelson (SC)

International Grand Royal Advisor

Sir Frank Langford (AL)

International Deputy Grand Royal Advisor – West

Sir Frederick “THE FRED” Walker, Sr. (TX)

International Grand Assistant Advisor – South

Sir Darrin A. Rodgers (Bahamas)

International Grand Outer Guard

Sir Gregory Bernard (TN)

R. E. Grand Administrative Assistant

Sir Willie Tate (TX)

R. E. Grand Convention Coordinator
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