Christmas Toastee for 2017

Christmas Toastee for 2017

Sir Homer L. Buchanan
Most Eminent Past Grand Master

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Homer Buchanan was born in Fayetteville, Tennessee, the second of eight children of Harvey and Mary F. Buchanan. His family moved to Indianapolis Indiana when he was six months old, where he spent part of his childhood, they later moved to Muncie, Indiana, where he finished his formal education. He attended Ball State University, majoring in liberal arts. He later moved to Dayton, Ohio where he continued his education, graduating from the Engineering and Science Institute, majoring in Paper Technology, graduated from E.C.P. Institution, Majoring in Computer Science and later pursued additional studies in Urban Government at Wright State University.

He is the father of two children, Dhawn A. Buchanan, presently a Middle School Teacher in Millington, Tennessee and Dynaro (Denny) A. Buchanan, currently living in Dayton, Ohio.

He retired from the Mead Corporation as a Senior Analyst Programmer; he later worked as a Senior System Engineer Consultant for C.D.S.I, a former Division of IBM and Interactive Business Systems (I.B.S.) specializing in Electronic Data Interchange (E.D.I.). He retired from as a Sr. Electronic Commerce Analyst. Homer has served his community in roles as Vice-Chairman of the Montgomery Children Service Board, member of the Mayor’s Economic Council, member of the Career Academy Data Processing Advisory Board, member of the Montgomery Round Table Community Action Research Committee, member of the Dayton Education Council, Welfare Advisory Board, member of the Northwest Priority Board as a Mead Corporation Executive to the National Business Alliance. He also served as President of the Democratic Voters League and is a member of the NAACP. He was the recipient of commendation from the 114th General Assembly of Ohio House of representatives in 1981. He

was the recipient of the “Key to the City of Dayton” in 1978, 1987 and 1995, Springfield, OH in 2009 and Indianapolis, IN in 1998.

Homer is a Past Master of Equity Lodge No. 121, Burning Chapter No. 7, Royal Arch Masons, Solomon Johnson #4, Royal and Select Masters, Boone Commandery No. 27, Knights Templar, Charter member and Past Patron of Equity Chapter No.102, OES, Charter member and Past Royal Advisor of Truth Guild No. 2, Charter Member of Burning Bush Court No. 3, Heroines of Jericho and Amer Temple No. 107, AEAONMS. He was elevated to the 33rd and last Degree of Masonry in 1985. He is a Past Grand Royal Advisor and Charter Member of the Ohio Grand Guild, Heroines of the Templars Crusade. He is also a Past Grand Commander of the Ohio Prince Hall Grand Commandery of Knights Templar, International Grand Court of Cyrene Crusaders, Most Excellent Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons, Most Illustrious Grand Council of Ohio, Past Grand Master of the M.W.P.H. Grand Lodge of Ohio and an Honorary Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodges of Louisiana and South Carolina, Sovereign Grand Inspector General of The 33rd Degree, United Supreme Council, Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry PHA-Northern Jurisdiction USA Inc. In October of 2001, he was elevated to the Honorary Degree of “Knight Commander of the Temple” in October 2001 and in November 2007 he was awarded the Knight Grand Cross of the Grand Encampment of the Knights Templar of the USA, the first and only Prince Hall Mason to receive the honor from that body of Knights Templar. In Oct. 2001 he was made an Honorary member of the Ohio Grand Commandery of Knights Templar, he is also a member of the Grand College of America, a Charter member and the First Very Eminent Preceptor of Hannibal Tabernacle #78 of the Holy Royal Arch Templar Priests, the first Prince Hall Mason to be inducted into that order. In 2011 he was made a member ‘at sight’ in the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees Conference, made a member of the Allied Masonic Degrees Grand Council, a Charter member of the newly formed Grand Priory of the Reformed and Rectified Rite, a member of the Red Cross of Constantine where he is serving as the Sentinel of Charlemagne Conclave, a member and Preceptor of the High Council of the Societas Rosecruciana and Most Eminent Past Grand Master of the Grand Encampment of Knights Templar USA & Its Jurisdiction, P.H.A. Inc. He served as the 40th Imperial Potentate of the AEAONMS, North &South America and its Jurisdiction, Inc.

He is married to Glenda D. Buchanan of Atlanta, GA.

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