The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar Prince Hall Affilliated

Elected Officers

Sir Melvin Callahan (TN)

Most Eminent Grand Master

Sir Russell E. Duckett (NY)

Most Eminent Deputy Grand Master

Sir Arther J Mincey (FL)

R. E. Grand Generalissimo

Sir Robert W. Glenn (AL)

R. E. Grand Captain General

Sir Fred R. S. Nelson (PA)

R. E. Grand Prelate

Sir Fredrick W. Joyner (DC)

R. E. Grand Senior Warden

Sir Ronald D. Gerac, M. Ed (TX)

R. E. Grand Junior Warden

Sir James Reed (NC)

3 – Year Trustee

Sir Joaquin M. Diaz (HI)

2 – Year Trustee

Sir Shawn G. Willis (OK)

1 Year Trustee

Sir Joseph Purdie, III (PA)

R. E. Grand Treasurer

Sir Rev. Kenneth E. Brown (TN)

R. E. Grand Recorder
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