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About the Committee on Military Affairs

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Some of our members have experienced some unbearable situations because of their decision to step forward to support and defend our country and the Constitution. Some are still serving in harm’s way. Yes, for many of our members, the price of serving has extracted a great toll. Yet! Regardless of the cost our veterans did not hesitate to answer the call to serve and bear the cost of freedom because they realize that freedom is not free.

Over the years, this evolution in benefits has produced some complex and very mind-boggling red tape. The language is that it speaks is sometimes difficult to understand. Many of our brothers and sisters that are serving or have served in past wars, may not understand nor be aware of the benefits that they are entitled to.

The members of this committee shall stand ready to assist, educate and advise our veterans about services pertaining to:

  • V.A. Healthcare
  • Veterans with Service – Connected Disabilities
  • V.A. Pensions and Rating Increase
  • Reserve and National Guard
  • Transition Assistance
  • Benefits for Dependents and Services
  • Appeals a V.A. claims and decisions
  • Military Medals and Records
  • Benefits Provided by Other Federal Agencies                                                                              
  • V.A. Facilities
  • Burial and Memorial Benefits
  • Education and Training

Yours Fraternally,

S.K. Rev. Dr. James E. Hamms (TX)
Pr. Rose Nelson (NC)
Co-Chairs, Military Affairs Committee
Grand Encampment Knights Templar
United States of America and Its
Jurisdiction, Prince Hall Affiliation Inc.

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